going back to work after the baby

going back to work after the baby

Going back to Work after having a baby can be an agonizing experience if not properly planned. I can tell first hand from experience as I just had a baby recently. Need I tell you that I am feeling reluctant going back to work, probably from spending too much time with the baby or from the thought of waking up at five a.m. and racing off to work after staying up all night? There is also this guilty feeling that I am not being fair to the baby. Well I think it’s the guilt really and not reluctance. For my older kids, I gave up work to be with them and now am leaving this one! I thought about ways to make the transition less stressful for both of us, asked a few questions here and there and arrived at this few steps am sharing with you.

After trying out the day-care facility at my work place, I decided the baby felt more comfortable at home than away from it. My decision was to find her a home baby-sitter until my mom volunteered to do the job– *muah*I love you mum!

  • First things first! Decide where you want to leave your baby.
  • If you chose a day-care, I’ll advice you pay unannounced visits to this place and see for yourself how they operate, paying particular attention to the hygiene of the place. Bet you didn’t know that some of the supposed minders are cleaners. You might want to add a little more to your budget if you intend to go all out to find a standard day-care center.
  • You should also start early enough to introduce some kind of baby formula to your baby except you are on exclusive breast-feeding. Whichever it’s going to be, find a way of getting your baby used to this new system of feeding.
  • Adjust your nursing schedule. For example, a week to my resumption date, I started formula feeding my baby for the period of time I’ll be at the office and breast fed her all through the night.
  • Practice leaving the baby with your chosen baby-sitter whether it’s your mum, mum-in- law or the day-care facility.
  • Above all, maintain a positive attitude. Try not to feel guilty. Talk to your baby as much as you can and reassure her of your love. Explain why you need to leave her with a care giver and I guarantee you that she’ll understand.



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