How to apply false eyelashes easily

How to apply false eyelashes easily

Have you been struggling with fixing your strip lashes by yourself?

I get this question a lot “Munnoh, how do I fix my fake lashes by myself?” and there are a ton of people out there asking the same question howbeit differently.

Have you ever asked any of these questions below?

Can I apply my eyelashes by myself?

Fixing my eyelash extension is a struggle. How do I make it easier?

What is the easiest way to put on fake eyelashes?
how to apply eyelashes for beginners?
how to apply eyelashes step by step
how to apply individual false eyelashes
how to apply false eyelashes for the first time
how to put on false eyelashes for beginners without tweezers
do I put mascara on before fake lashes
how to put on eyelashes one by one

I too used to struggle to fix my false lashes by myself until I discovered this method I shared in the video below.


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